Hemingway Against The Oxford Comma

There is a new meme out there (well, perhaps it’s not new, but it is all over Facebook.)  It encourages people to use the Oxford Comma. And while I don’t have particularly strong feelings about the Oxford Comma, the argument being made is that you must use it.  I disagree with this, which is why I have decided to start my own rebuttal meme: Hemingway Against the Oxford Comma.

My response is quite simple:

That’s it.  A Hemingway quote, the work from which it came and the accompanying statement “Why I don’t use the Oxford Comma.”

There are a few other good ones I am about to generate as well, at the convenient website memegenerator.net.  I encourage you to join me if you have been annoyed by this recent insistence that people are fools unless they use The Oxford Comma.  Of course, this is nothing new.  People like getting indignant about this, as evidenced by NPR and The Stranger and this website and Salon.  I believe it is about time that a legitimate argument was staged against the Oxford Comma. Continue reading “Hemingway Against The Oxford Comma”