Q: Why is this blog called What Would Bale Do?

A: Because it used to be about that question.

Q: What does that even mean?

A: This blog was dedicated to an examination of the dark-and-gritty reboot. It still largely is, but has moved away from being specifically about Christian Bale’s role in dark-and-gritty reboots, as that dead horse become pretty tired after several years.

Q: Why is it still called that?

A: It’s a fun name, and haven’t thought of a better one yet.

Q: Who writes this blog? 

A number of people, but mostly writer and blogger D. F. Lovett. You can learn more about him at About the Author.

Q: How can I support this blog?

A: If you’re interested in supporting the writing of D. F. Lovett, you can buy one of his books here.

Q: Why aren’t more articles on this website about Christian Bale?

A: As stated above, that became a limiting subject. That, and this was never a place to get news about Bale. Apologies to anyone looking for such things.

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