Why Game of Thrones Fan Should Hop on the Minnesota Vikings Bandwagon

We are nearly two weeks away from the Super Bowl. The Big Game. The Final Battle of the latest NFL season.

And while being a fan of the NFL can be trying (see this article from two years ago for more on the topic), this has been a good year to be a good Vikings fan. But rather than keep my Vikings fandom to myself, I would like to take this moment to try to convince all my fellow Game of Thrones fans that they should be Minnesota Vikings fans as well.

I will assume you’re already familiar with this moment.

Let’s consider a few reasons:

They are the Kings of the North.

This isn’t just something I say, although it is something I do say. During the latest season–upon clinching the NFC North title–shirts began circulating declaring the Vikings to be the “kings of the north.”

And it’s not just that they’re kings of the North. Defending the North has become a war cry among Vikings fans, just as the North has become a way to describe Minnesota itself. Continue reading “Why Game of Thrones Fan Should Hop on the Minnesota Vikings Bandwagon”


How Being an NFL Fan is Like Being a Woody Allen Fan

With the Super Bowl approaching, it comes time to defend it. In some circles, this isn’t a challenge. In others, you have to justify how you can watch something with a clean conscience when the people behind and on the screen do bad things. So, basically, watching the championship game of the National Football League is exactly the same experience as watching a Woody Allen movie.

And so, for those of you who cannot (for the life of you) understand how anyone could possibly support a sporting organization whose star athletes beat women and children, kill people, drink and drive, smoke drugs, and more, then I’ve created this simple guide for how you can determine how you should feel about the National Football League, based on how you feel about Woody Allen.

Not Liking the NFL Because You Just Don’t Like It is Like Not Watching Woody Allen Films Because You Just Don’t Like Them

The first, simplest category to fall into. Some people don’t watch football just because, you know, they don’t really like football. It’s not for them. And that’s how some people are with Woody Allen.


Midnight in Paris? A little obvious. Annie Hall? Boring. Denver vs. Carolina? Does it matter?  Continue reading “How Being an NFL Fan is Like Being a Woody Allen Fan”

Steeler James Harrison Should Only Be Paid for Games He Wins

Over the last few days, social media has drawn my attention to a topic that gets people heated: participation trophies for children. A few people have come out swinging, furious about the idea that a child should get a plaque or ribbon or medal or trophy for anything other than winning.

Steeler James Harrison reignited this conversation by putting a photo of some trophies on Instagram, telling the world he was going to throw them away, and hashtagging #harrisonfamilyvalues. He wants them to EARN their trophies, as he says.

If anyone thinks these are cool, I'll bet you can find them by digging throw James Harrison's local landfill.
If anyone thinks these are cool, I’ll bet you can find them by digging through James Harrison’s local landfill.

Okay. I’ll agree with Drew Margary and quite a few others with, as Margary says:

Now, here is my SUPER CONTROVERSIAL take on participant trophies: They’re fine. They are pointless and stupid, but actively harmless. A trophy is the party favor you get for paying a couple hundred bucks to join a league. It’s a souvenir. A memento.

I’ll also note, as I did during my Interstellar recap, that I don’t have children. But I think that there is a solution here that I would like to see: James Harrison needs to take this a step farther and define success. He needs to define what it means to “EARN a real trophy.” What is to earn? What is a real trophy? What is winning? What is success? Continue reading “Steeler James Harrison Should Only Be Paid for Games He Wins”