Why House of Cards is Dumb

Yes, everyone loves House of Cards, and everyone is excited about Season 3 impending breaking of the internet on February 27th.  And yes, it’s because it’s very entertaining. But let’s talk about why it’s kind of dumb.

I’m not going to comment on whether or not it’s a realistic show, because I have honestly no idea. It seems pretty unrealistic, but, hey, maybe it’s all super realistic and most politicians do commit an average of one murder per political campaign. And the other thing I’m not going to focus on, but which does bother me, is the way Zoe Barnes’s character and her peers are little more than caricatures built out of buzzwords and blog posts about the sociology of “millennials.”  But hey, maybe that’s also more realistic than I realize.

Look at this hip office full of millenials!
Look at this hip office full of millenials!

My concern is not with the content, but with the storytelling.

House of Cards is the kind of story that, the moment it has finished, “you want to watch it again.”  Why?  Because, once it’s over, with all the twists ironed out and the motivations explained, you want to see it again because, this time, you will really know what’s going on.

But all that really means is that it is dishonest storytelling. Continue reading “Why House of Cards is Dumb”