Recommended Reading, Installment #1: Gatsby and Fight Club, Karl Welzein and more…

If you find yourself reading this blog with any regularity, you probably realize that the updates are few and far between.  A large part of this is that this blog’s author likes to put enough effort into each post to warrant the post’s existence.  The other reason is that, well, hypothetical Christian Bale films can be a tiring subject if overdone.

Which is why we present to you a new experiment that could become a regular installment or could disappear after this post: Recommended Reading, for fans of What Should Bale Do.  A series of other blog posts, forums, and essays around the internet that relate to some of the same themes as previous posts on What Should Bale Do:

1. Tyler Durden and Jay Gatsby

Perhaps it’s obvious, but until recently I had never heard anyone point out the obvious similarities between the structure and premise of Fight Club and The Great Gatsby.  But you can see in this essay (published in The F. Scott Fitzgerald Reader, Vol. 6 2007-2008) that not only are there connections, but someone has taken the time to write about those connections for 27 scholarly pages.  It’s worth a perusal, if you have the time.

2.  Fan Theories on the Internet

If you have ever read Reddit, you realize that there is a “subreddit” there for everyone.  Behold, the subreddit entirely dedicated to Fan Theories.  Which is also the same subreddit where two different links to WSBD were posted recently.  It’s worth checking out the thread the developed under a link to the recent “What Ever Happened to Bruce Wayne,” as there is some good discussion and sharing of ideas regarding the relationship between Bruce and the people of Gotham.

3.  The Celebrity of Karl Welzein

During a conversation with a friend recently, it occurred to me just how much I know about Karl Welzein.  First of all, we have the Deadspin article in which the authors of said-blog decided to link to expose the identity of Karl.  You may notice that I did not link to it.  That’s because you can read it if you want, but I think it’s mostly not worth reading or discussing.  Karl himself has made it very clear that he does not want his identity discussed.  I say to leave him alone.  Furthermore, the author referred to ‘Nums as “Plats” and “Top Shelf Margs” as “‘ritas,” which proves that Deadspin is simply trying to crash the DB celebraish, rather than being true fans.

However, there are some articles out there that are simply on the essence of Karl.  While I am not typically one for “frat culture,” I think this blog post on Total Frat Move does a good job of describing the essence of Karl.  Next, has become obsessed with Karl, publishing a series of posts about him, some of which are pretty great and others which are nothing more than Huff-and-Post-esque “summarize something for the search engine hits” trash.   I can let you sort through those on your own.

But finally, the best article I have read about Karl is an article written by The Flint Journal’s very own Blake Thorne, in which the journalist cruises around Grand Blanc, including calling Grand Blanc’s Mayor to ask her if she knows Karl, calling Grand Blanc’s BW3, and finally delivering the kicker of calling the Flint Chili’s, to which the manager tells him:  “I’ll ask some of my other managers, but they haven’t mentioned it to me.  But we’ll have to Google it.”

And finally, we have the Obama / Karl mash-ups.  Check out DadPotus and ObamaBoner.



Power moves, you guys.

Trying to figure out what previous blog posts I was referencing back to?  Check out I am Jack’s Fight Club Fan Theory, What Ever Happened to Bruce Wayne, The Greater Gatsby, and Bold Flavors: Why Bale Should Portray Karl Welzein.

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