Why did the name of this blog change?

Some people have noticed that this blog’s name changed.  After over five years, it went from What Should Bale Do to What Would Bale Do.

Welp, there are three reasons.

1. People always think the name of it is What Would Bale Do.  They tell me that they tried to google it, and all they found was articles about Gareth Bale or just nonsense.  And I would correct them, “no, it’s What Should Bale Do,” but eventually I decided that it’s kinda easier to just change it.

2. What Should Bale Do is a good example of a joke that is too far removed from its origin.  What Would ____ Do is a commonly used expression, from Jesus to Tyler Durden.  But no one asks What Should?  It’s too abstract, too removed, too out there.

3. I forgot to renew whatshouldbaledo.com.  But whatwouldbaledo.com was still available.  So there you go.

And that’s that!  New name, coinciding with renewed effort to post on here more regularly.

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