How to Celebrate The Moonborn and #MoonLandingDay at the Same Time

One of America’s most beloved unofficial holidays is almost here. No, not Jeff Goldblum Day. Something almost as cool: Moon Landing Day.

First man on the moon – not to be confused with the first man born on the moon.

This upcoming Thursday, July 20th, is the 48th anniversary of humankind’s first steps on the moon. And so in honor of this, I have some special things happened related to The Moonborn.

Special Promotions for The Moonborn, in honor of Moon Landing Day

I’m pretty excited for Moon Landing Day. So excited, in fact, that the following three promotions are running not just for Moon Landing Day, but for the entire week of July 17th to July 21st:

  1. Follow D. F. Lovett on Twitter to Win a Paperback Copy of The Moonborn
  2. Follow D. F. Lovett on Amazon to Win a Paperback Copy of The Moonborn
  3. Download The Moonborn on Kindle for Free




If those three promotions aren’t enough for you, don’t worry: There’s more fun stuff you can do that’s Moonborn-esque!

More Fun Moonborn Stuff You Can Do

Check out D. F. Lovett’s New Website!

That’s right. There’s a new website. Check it out!

Listen to The Moonborn Playlist on Spotify


Last November, we had a party in honor of the release of The Moonborn, at the Boiler Room Coffeeshop in Minneapolis. For said party, I put together one heck of a playlist. Now, for the first time, you can listen to said playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

Read D. F. Lovett’s Interview with J. G. Follansbee

Interested in learning a little more about me and my writing? Check out this fun set of questions and answers.

Read a Review of The Moonborn

Check out the press page of my new website to see a list of its reviews.

Write a Review of The Moonborn

Or, if you’ve already read it, you can write a review on Goodreads or Amazon (paperback and Kindle are separate, because I can’t get them to be listed on the same page for some reason.)

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out my new website!


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