What is happening in the SPECTRE teaser trailer?

I don’t know.

But here it is:

It appears that Bond has secrets, or at least a secret, and the secret involves a family member, or at least someone from his childhood.  And that this secret entity is probably tied to some kind of shadowy organization.  And that this shadowy organization might be called Spectre.

Finally, it appears that what Bond is doing may be something personal, and not an MI6 mission.  Or perhaps it is both at the same time, which has essentially been the theme of the Craig films.

Pretty cool, you guys.
Pretty cool, you guys.

The biggest question, to me, of course, is whether this film will allow us to continue believing in the Codename Theory. It could be complicated, considering that it appears we are going back to his childhood.  Perhaps we are even dealing with a brother who, if his last name is also Bond, would complicate the James-Bond-is-a-Brainwashed-Codename Theory immensely.

But I’m not worried about it.  The Codename Theory is just too good. We will find a way to keep believing.


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