Con Air, Other Blogs, etc.

I enjoy reading the blog The Junior Varsity.  Because I enjoy reading it, I recently felt that I had some responses to make to a month-long series they did on 1990s Nostalgia.  Mainly, I felt they had made a serious mistake by not mentioning Con Air.

So I wrote this, about Con Air and why it’s both very awesome and very telling of the pre-9/11 era (a.k.a. the 90s.)  Read it.

On another note, I have been getting an extraordinary amount of traffic to this website over the past day from Tumblr.  By extraordinary, I mean that people are coming here for reasons other than a) they are my Facebook friends and they saw a link to this on my Facebook page, or b) they were googling whether there is going to be a Blank Check sequel any time soon.

This new traffic seems to be largely due to the Tumblr entitled “I’m Psycho Mom,” who not only put a link to What Should Bale Do up on his/her site, but wrote next to it: “I Love This Blog.”

I clicked on the blog, and I bet you can guess what it consists of: tons of Bale stuff.  Awesome.

Thanks to those other sites for linking to this one.

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