He won… but what’s next?

How do you follow the success of an Academy Award win?   The answer is simple: Do what the Coen Brothers do.  After receiving the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Fargo, Joel and Ethan Coen made The Big Lebowski, a film that had nearly nothing in common with their last film, aside from involving Steve Buscemi and kidnapping.  Or consider that after receiving Best Picture for the intense thriller No Country for Old Men, they immediately made the comedy Burn After Reading.  

 The question is… what now?

The point is that Bale must approach his career in the same way as the Coens.  It’s time for a game changer.  Something light, comedic, and goofy.  Something entirely unlike the somber, tear-jerking, “based on a true story” The Fighter.   More specifically: a long-awaited sequel to the 1994 Disney live-action family film, Blank Check.  That’s right.  It’s time for pre-production to begin on Blank Check 2: Checks and Balances.


  1. >I have been thinking about this for awhile: anything Johny Depp can do, Bale can do better. All that zany out there persona stuff (capt. Jack for example), Bale could do, and in doing so really make it a lot more prickish and menacing and not so "aw that zany harmless guy," but more "that mother fucker is crazy."With that in mind, I want to see the two of them together trying to out wacko each other. I am thinking. Fear and Loathing 2: Loathier in Las Vegas.

  2. >the two of them were in the Dillinger movie and Bale was just okay in that. I would like to see them together in a comedy as well. I like the Las Vegas thing but how about a remake of Dial M for murder but make it a comedy. I am not sure if there are any elegant women out there to play the wife–suggestions?

  3. >how about a remake of the sound of music with Bale as The patriarch of the family and perhaps Ann Hathaway in the lead. Kathy Bates as mother superior. Can Bale sing? This would test his talent.

  4. >like the sound of music….but this time they don't get away. imagine the funny scenes after the gestappo get them? Sort of Sophie's Choice meets Sound of Music…but funny.Kids can sing a bunch of songs with dance at the work camp. Ann hathaway will be sent back to the convent to the severe, but funny, discipline of Kathy Bates. Bates is good with an axe as we have seen.Bale will look good in little leather shorts and an Austrian hat!

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