The Sound and The Furious, Continued

Remember when I suggested that The Sound and the Furious be made? (If you don’t remember, click the link).  Recall,  “the other option would be to just make Five Fast, Five Furious, more-or-less the same shitty movie they made the last four times.”

Welp, they did that. I realize it’s old news, but because it has not been talked about yet, it must be dicussed now.  Now we have to hope that instead of The Six Fast, Furious, Etc., someone will realize the huge potential of a Faulkner-inspired prequel/spinoff starring Christian Bale.


Imagine this:
  Plus This:
But with these instead of cars:

And starring Christian Bale as the anti-hero.

Why would they choose to make Fast Five instead?

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  1. >van diesel looks like someone who would be in a movie that combines Of Mice and Men, rather than The Sound and the Fury. I do like the idea of this movie. anything with Christian Bale is great.

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