The Top Ten Christian Bale Films of 2013

A lot of movies happened in 2013.  Only a few of them had Bale in them, but many were connected to Bale, either through themes, tone, extended universes, future sequels, Nolan-esque qualities, etc.  This is a list of the Top Ten Christian Bale films, whether or not they actually had Christian Bale in them.

10. Man of Steel

It’s on the list, but barely.  The strangest thing about this movie has to be that it’s ostensibly a gritty reboot, yet it still features basically the exact same opening as the Superman movie from the 1970s.  Why so boring?

Try making it through the alien-explosion-flying scene at the beginning of Man of Steel and still call it a "gritty reboot" with a straight face.
Try making it through the alien-explosion-flying scene at the beginning of Man of Steel and still call it a “gritty reboot” with a straight face.

9.  The Great Gatsby

The success of The Great Gatsby demands a sequel, setting things up nicely for DiCaprio and Bale to make The Greater Gatsby in the next few years.

8. Frances Ha

Easily one of the Top 5 black-and-white independent films made in 2013.  It’s also nice to see a story about millenials told by a millenial.

7. The Wolverine. 

If ever there was a film that felt painfully like a Christopher Nolan film, it was The Wolverine.  Hugh Jackman begins the film as a bearded altruistic homeless superhero who has dreams-within-dreams, up until mysterious circumstances and flashbacks whisk him away to Asia, where he gets in fights and sort of solves a mystery.  The entire thing seems to be suggesting that, if you wish 2013 had a Batman movie, you might be more satisfied by this gritty semi-immortal Ubermensch than by Superman.

This is the seventh movie in which Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. The question is, seventh of how many?

6. The Conjuring

How scary was the part with the doll?

5. Dallas Buyers Club

McConaughey seems to be the new Bale.  He’s losing drastic amounts of weight for incredible roles, doing all sorts of accents, and is in the next Christopher Nolan film.

4. Blackfish

Not the remake of Free Willy we deserved, but the one we needed.

3. Fast and Furious 6

Seriously, these movies are amazing, as I’ve said before.  Here is hoping that they take advantage of the restructured Fast 7 by finally making The Sound and the Furious and casting Bale as the anti-hero.

2. Out of the Furnace

Incredible cast, good story, and possibly the best acting by Bale since Alfred abandoned Bruce in The Dark Knight Rises.

Yes, there’s a scene on par with that.

1. American Hustle 

I haven’t seen this yet, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good.

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